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I’m a little late to the game on this one, but I’ve recently been introduced to, which is basically like crowd-sourced live radio where the conceit is that actual users pretend (is it even pretending?) to be DJs, selecting tracks from’s massive online library.  Want to play something not in the library?  Just upload it.

It’s an interesting concept, blending pandora/spotify type services with a traditional social networking and chat-based platform. While you’re DJing, you’re chatting with other people in the room.  You get instant feedback on your track selection not only in the chatroom, but also by a binary thumbs-up-thumbs-down mechanism, where users can vote if a track is “awesome” or “lame,” giving the DJ “points” in the process.  Might hipsters complain about the gamification of music appreciation?  Sure, but hipsters are also the types of people who need to use services like this to get anonymous validation of their taste.  It’s science.

I haven’t tried to DJ yet (there are only 5 DJ slots per “room” and are typically always taken) but having spent a few hours using the service, it seems like something I’d be into.

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