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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Terra Nova: Premiere Recap

So Fox’s prehistoric sci-fi epic Terra Nova, which has been in production forever and whose premiere cost a reported $20 million, kicked off last night.  Despite obvious Lost aspirations, the pilot fell well short of achieving what the Lost premiere achieved. “Terra Nova” is the name of a prehistoric settlement, populated by people originally from [...]

Oblivion Kinda Sucks

I’m some% through my second playthrough of Oblivion for the 360 and with over 30 hours of gameplay down I’m struck by a couple of things: 1) This game is not that good and 2) I have spent over 30 hours in the last month playing a game that I determined was not that good [...]

I’m a little late to the game on this one, but I’ve recently been introduced to, which is basically like crowd-sourced live radio where the conceit is that actual users pretend (is it even pretending?) to be DJs, selecting tracks from’s massive online library.  Want to play something not in the library?  Just [...]

Bobo’s Fantasy Football Appreciation Index: Week 3

Jamaal Charles is no more.  He has been cruelly swept from me and millions of other owners by the unfeeling tide of misfortune, just two weeks into the 2011 NFL season.  He tore his ACL against the suddenly-decent Lions and is lost for the season.  An injury like this hasn’t shaken up the fantasy/NFL world [...]

Capital Punishment: Troy Davis

On September 21st, 2011, Troy Anthony Davis is going to die.  This has been decided by the Georgia Board of Pardons, who has denied his clemency request at the last minute.  As such, he is going to be executed tomorrow by lethal injection.

Quick Hits

Obama Should Abandon Reelection Campaign Interesting idea – I don’t think Obama has any chance of being reelected.  If he is focused on a Democratic victory next year then he needs to recognize that it probably can’t involve him.  Odds of that happening are slim. Debunking the Cul-de-Sac My suburb was laid out in the [...]

Bobo’s Fantasy Football Appreciation Index: Week 2

Well, I was wrong.  I overestimated EVERY one of my Booya starters’ Week 1 score except for Polish bad boy Sebastian Janikowski, who beat estimates by two points.  I was being unreasonable with some of my predictions, sure, but I really don’t think it was crazy to suggest that Jamaal Charles would put up at [...]

The Shame of College Sports

The Shame of College Sports Excellent article by Taylor Branch discussing the NCAA’s current and historical hypocrisy with respect to the amateur status of their “student-athletes,” a term that deserves much deriding. There’s been a lot of agita lately about NCAA scandals involving money paid to student athletes, whether by boosters (such as in the [...]

Bobo’s Fantasy Football Appreciation Index: Week 1

After months and months of waiting, with more will-they-won’t-they tension than we’ve seen since The Office was still good (Team Pam all the way.  F Karen), we’re finally here: the 2011 NFL football season.  Which means two things, predominantly: one: the Giants are only ten or so weeks away from breaking my heart and two: my [...]

When Amish Attack

State Police: 5 Amish Men Assault Girls It just makes me sick that we have these enclaves of religious zealots living amongst us, refusing to assimilate into our culture, observing only their own laws, taking up the entire shoulder on local highways with their horse and buggy-driven anachronism, assaulting our young women.  Why do we [...]