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Fake Got Real: The 1998 Survivor Series

From the 90′s Preservation Society archives. Decided to post this because just a few short weeks ago, the Rock. Came back. To BROOOOKLYYYYYN. ———————————————————————————————– Ask any guy who was a teenager in the 1990′s what his most memorable WWF moment was and he’s bound to have an answer in his back pocket. For some, it [...]

Tina Fey vs. Taylor Swift: An Adventure in Overanalysis and Not Being Able to Take a Joke

Vulture, New York Magazine’s “pop culture” blog, had an item earlier today about Taylor Swift hitting out at Tina Fey over remarks the comedienne made about her in January, while hosting the Golden Globes. At one point, Fey turned to Swift and said “Stay away from Michael J. Fox’s son.” The line got big laughs, likely [...]

Love in a Time of Comital Entails

Downton Abbey makes white nerds tweet like Kanye -@morgan_murphy There are primarily three types of people who append Roman numerals to their names: monarchs, popes and Americans.  If there exists an explanation for this incongruity other than vanity, then I have to admit I am ignorant of it.  What I am certain of, though, is [...]

Paying in Gum

Minimum wage: 4.87 packs of trident layers per hour Ticket to 3D movie in NYC: 12.08 packs of trident layers Annual subscription to the New York Times: 204.03 packs of trident layers Annual subscription to Playboy: 10.71 packs of trident layers Semester at Columbia University: 14,149.06 packs of trident layers Semester at ITT Tech – [...]

Terra Nova: Premiere Recap

So Fox’s prehistoric sci-fi epic Terra Nova, which has been in production forever and whose premiere cost a reported $20 million, kicked off last night.  Despite obvious Lost aspirations, the pilot fell well short of achieving what the Lost premiere achieved. “Terra Nova” is the name of a prehistoric settlement, populated by people originally from [...]