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Fake Got Real: The 1998 Survivor Series

From the 90′s Preservation Society archives. Decided to post this because just a few short weeks ago, the Rock. Came back. To BROOOOKLYYYYYN. ———————————————————————————————– Ask any guy who was a teenager in the 1990′s what his most memorable WWF moment was and he’s bound to have an answer in his back pocket. For some, it [...]

All I Want For Christmas Is For You To Stop Fucking With Perfection

“All I Want For Christmas Is You” is, without question, the greatest articulation of the (secular) spirit of Christmas ever recorded.  The lyrics center on the singer’s love for another, a love so strong that the presence of her beloved is more important to her celebration of Christmas than presents, Santa or any of the [...]

Leverage, Ethics and the NBA Lockout

In nuclear war strategy, the concept of mutually assured destruction, that if you nuke me, I’ll nuke you and we’ll all be dead, establishes an equilibrium wherein both parties recognize that to launch a first strike against the other would be suicide – as a result, nobody should launch nuclear missiles.  The recognition of this [...]

Paying in Gum

Minimum wage: 4.87 packs of trident layers per hour Ticket to 3D movie in NYC: 12.08 packs of trident layers Annual subscription to the New York Times: 204.03 packs of trident layers Annual subscription to Playboy: 10.71 packs of trident layers Semester at Columbia University: 14,149.06 packs of trident layers Semester at ITT Tech – [...]

Occupy Wall Street

Declaration of the Occupation of New York City For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past several weeks, a group of malcontents has been camping out in the Financial District’s Zuccotti Park as part of the “Occupy Wall Street” series of public nuisances.  And by “group” I mean thousands of people, raging [...]

Monday Morning Schadenfreude

That Groupon valuation? Lawls

Groupon Delays IPO

Groupon Reevaluating IPO Plans due to Market Volatility I subscribe to Groupon, Livingsocial, Gilt Groupe, Gilt City and Savored (nee VillageVines).  These e-mail services account for roughly 10-25% of my daily e-mails.  I have, at this point, received 646 e-mails from Groupon, 180 from Livingsocial, 695 from Gilt Groupe, 181 from Gilt City and 121 [...]